Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What comes next?

So, way back when I became a comment-whore by asking for suggestions on what to write about, Emily asked about my post-dissertation plans. Here is that promised post.

How will I celebrate? I definitely am traveling to grad school town to participate in the whole graduation shebang. I want the pomp and circumstance and fancy robes. R will come with me, and I think my fam and R's parents are planning on coming too. In my fantasy world, we rent out the back room of my favorite pizza place and all go there for dinner. I will probably break down into sobs at some point from the relief.

I don't really have any plans career-wise yet. I am scared of getting too specific about what I want, as I could be happy in a lot of situations. I definitely want to teach, and I would love to be able to keep doing a little research. But for the first year or two I am also open to non-teaching postdocs. I figure I can put that time into publishing my dissertation which will help me be more attractive to more schools. I'm thinking a little about finding a new field site and plotting different projects I can do over summers off from teaching. My secret master plan is that one of my adjunct schools will give me a year long position next year, then love me so much that they give me a tenure track position after that, then love me so so much that they give me tenure AND hire R when he graduates. Whew. :)

There are a lot of things I have kind of been putting off until after I finish, but no major goals (except for becoming employed). I mostly want to get a somewhat normal life back. And for me a normal life means a little time to see friends, to get back into crocheting, and money to go out once and awhile. That is it. My needs and desires are few. I also want to get back into traveling more. R and I love to travel and do it well together and it has been far too long since we went on an awesome trip.

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