Monday, November 29, 2010


Holy neglected blog, Batman! I am just a-coming by to let you all know I defended my dissertation and will be officially graduating in December. The whole fam is coming to help me celebrate and it will be awesome!

This transition of leaving grad school (finally) has made me think a lot about my blog and what I want to get from it. A lot of this blog's beginnings were to keep in touch with friends and to find a community in the dark, isolating days of grad school. I feel like I interact with friends more in other venues, and I don't feel as isolated any more. What I want now is a place where I can write more about my work and science related issues. To that end, I am going to stop this here blog. I have some other plans for internet adventures, so if you are someone I have interacted with over the years, please send me an email to mnkgrlblog at gmail dot com and I may let you in on my plans. MWA HA HA! If you know me in real life, keep an eye out for my future endeavors.

Seriously, I really benefited from having this space to write and from the academic blogging community. But I do think that what I need now is a more professional space, so I am moving on.

And, if you were here for the book reviews, be my friend on GoodReads!