Thursday, October 09, 2008


68. Memo to the President Elect by Madeleine Albright
Have I told you how much I love Madeleine Albright? I looooove Madeleine Albright. This book is her advice to the next president on all sorts of foreign policy issues. It was very interesting, and made me think about the president's job differently. For example, she makes a point of talking about how we assume the president has all this power, but he or she cannot get stuff done without the help of others, including many people who are not elected and have been in their jobs for years and years. I hope both Obama and McCain have read this book.

69. Mystic River by Dennis LeHane
I really liked this movie and recently heard that the book was good as well. It is true. It is hard to describe, the book is kind of quiet and meandering, but really engrossing. I think because the characters were so well-drawn. Very good book.

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Ellen said...

I just finished the new David Sedaris book, and it's amazing. I was on the waiting list for it at the library for about 100 years, but it was worth the wait.