Wednesday, October 08, 2008

From a distance....

You know you all know the words.

I apologize for neglecting you, my valiant blog readers. I have been very busy. I teach, I dissertate, and that is about it. The semester has been kicking my butt. I have wondered why, and then realized it is the first time I have taught two new preps AND tried to write/research/etc. But it is good I am figuring out how to balance the teaching a research, since that will be the story of the rest of my life.

Anyway, that prologue is to say I am totally going to stick to my promise and write about your requested topics. Today I am going to write about finishing my dissertation while being away from the school where I am enrolled.

I can some the situation up in two words: IT ROCKS! But it may not work for all. For me, I was not crazy about GradSchoolTown so I am happier away and being happier otherwise makes me a more productive worker. Also, R is happier pursuing his own grad school business, and that also makes me happier. Finally, I work better with my advisor with some distance AND she is the sort who loves side projects, which I avoid by not being there. I have suffered some from a lack of face time, but overall any problems have been worth the benefits, for me. I've also gotten some great teaching opportunities that I am hopeful will help me on the job search in the future. I think for some people the situation would not work out, but it has been great for me.


Field Notes said...

That's good that finishing a degree remotely is working out well for you!

I had to petition my grad school to let me do it. I am so glad they acquiesced. It worked very, very well for all of us.

Albatross said...

It sounds like everything fell into place by leaving! There are so many aspects to balance in the situation- which is probably why many people falter in it.