Friday, July 17, 2009


So, I was seriously considering stopping the blogging because I post so little lately. Also I kind of feel transitional lately. I have still have no defense date because I have no completed dissertation, but over this last year my self-image has really changed from that of a student to that of a professional. A professor. A non-student, whatever. So I think that is good, as I think that is one of the things to be learned in grad school. Hopefully I can use this new self image to propel me into getting this stuff done. woo! Much of this transition was helped along by the million classes I taught last quarter. While I do not recommend teaching a million classes ever, and while I hope to never do so again, I think it was good for me in the end. I did not dissertate too much, but I now have so much teaching mojo! I can teach anything, anywhere, with little notice. Aw yeah. And I am not scared of a heavy work load. I did work on my own stuff while teaching the million classes, although at a much slower rate. Teaching so much made me feel like a professor AND I have now gotten a full-time job at one of those schools for next year. That's right, guaranteed full time load (less than a million) for a whole academic year! A grown up salary! A title. Love it. Now I will try to use my desire to be a "visiting assistant professor" as opposed to a "visiting instructor" into to defeat that pesky dissertation.

Oh, and in the end I am apparently not stopping blogging. Maybe when I graduate I will do a "Dr. Monkeygirl" style makeover. We'll see.

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meeegan said...

Congratulations on the full-time gig!! Where will you be teaching?