Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost weekend

I'm back from teaching the smart kids! And apparently I brought the weather of the SE with me. I am really really not into hot and humid weather. Really. I think if I had my way it would very rarely get above 75. That might even be pushing it.

R was away at a conference this weekend, and we realized it was the first time I was alone in the apartment so I had big plans of eating broccoli, maybe having popcorn for dinner one night, and watching movies R would not like. These plans were all mostly defeated by my technological troubles.

First, I got an iPhone on Friday. This is awesome and was a present to myself for getting my first full-time academic job. Also it was on sale. I waited sooooo long for the UPS to bring it, then I had to set it up and charge it and then I was finally ready to make my first call and the person on the other end could not hear me. That is right. The mic was broken. It was still awesome without the talking ability and I a, lucky enough to live in a Big City with an Apple Store so I took the broken phone there on Saturday. They fiddled with it for a bit, and then said they would just have to give me a new one. So I got a fresh new one. Yay! Happiness!

BUT then I came home to plug my new phone into itunes and put all my podcasts on it when what do I get but a Blue Screen of Death. Many, in fact. The next day and a half are many phone calls to Dell, attempts at re-installing Vista, and finally the promise of a new motherboard. Luckily I somehow got a long warranty so it is all free. But now I have no computer (I'm typing this on R's) and am waiting to hear from the tech who is going to bring me my new parts.

I also meant to write a ton this weekend, but with no computer that did not happen. It is all backed up because I am responsible that way, but there are some programs I will need to get access to again. Anyway, that was my weekend which did not at all end up as planned.

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