Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fun is over

Alas. The fun is over for me. I have not done anything work-like since December 22. It was amazing. It was maybe a little toooo long of a vacation and I am now finding it hard to give up my life of leisure. After 7 days I was a little wanting to work, but I got past that and now I don't want to work ever again at all. Oh well.

R and I rented a car and drove to Iowa and Missouri to see family. It was a good time, although in the future I might not choose to drive 8 hours, wait one day, then drive another 8 hours. I think a 2 day rest is needed between 8 hour drives. In St. Louis we got to see Laura and Shannon and Ellen at an awesomely old school pancake house where Shirley was our waitress. She looked like she'd worked there since 1961, when the place opened.

After St. Louis we came back home where I was totally slothful for a night and just watched bunches of TV and read Twilight. After a two day rest at home, R and I got on the train and set out to see Melinda et al. The train trip was awesome and easy, and we had a great time in Melinda's town watching Movies Where "People" are Saved in and Awesome Way, playing Rock Bands I and II, and teaching Cletus the Former Fetus to sing, "Flash! Aaaaah Ahhhh!" We were sad to leave and return home, where no Wii or singing toddlers awaited us. But we are soldiering on. I rewrote my monkey class syllabus today and went for a run, and R went to the library. Alas. Back to the grind for us.


Corbett said...

We have you beat regarding cute kids playing Rock Band. My niece, Ally, is 7 and we decided to let her try a hand at singing. Not thinking, we chose "Roxanne" by the Police. Because Ally didn't know the words, my sister said she'd join in to help out, only to discover in horror that the song is about a prostitute (these things slip your mind when you don't have kids). Right about when Ally started singing, "You don't have to sell your body to the night," my sister expressed her concern. Luckily, I started laughing so hard it made it impossible for anyone to finish the song...

meeegan said...

I am the weird opposite of you -- my work hiatus drove me crazy. I don't have enough friends in this new city yet to fill up that much time! Going back to work was a relief.