Saturday, January 10, 2009


OK, I went temporarily mad last year and signed up to teach 3 classes and 3 labs this quarter. The money blinded me. Anyway, to do this I have to get up at 7 am, which is exceedingly early for me. I know all you guys get up at like 4 am and all that, and have no sympathy, but this is hard for me! I just finished my first week of just one class and some meetings and I was sooooo tired.

This is to say that I am not sure how much I will blog through mid-March. We will see. But I felt guilty about not blogging, and one of my new things is not thinking about things that make me feel guilty. Also, I dropped my 3 credits for the Spring so I will definitely not be graduating in May. I am working hard this quarter/semester on not stressing, not thinking about deadlines, just doing my work and letting things happen as they happen. We'll see how it goes. But since I will exhausted from my crack of dawn wake up time, I may blog less than we all wish. We will all survive though, and emerge at the end of March with more money and a stronger character. :)

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