Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Back Home

I am back from teaching the smart kids! woo! It is nice to be back home with my cats and my own bed and my stove that I can cook non-dining hall food with. Yay! It would be nice to be back home with R except he went out of town to work for two nights. But he will be back tonight. yay! I am trying to get myself psyched up to do all kinds of dissertation work and pack and all, but I am just feeling so lazy. I gave myself the last two days to relax, but now I really need to get cracking. I think I will eat lunch and then dissertate, and then get an iced coffee break. Good plan, eh?

I did run/walk this morning. It is way harder to run on the hills in my neighborhood then in the air conditioned gym on a treadmill. It took me 53 minutes to go 5k. :( Oh well, I can probably only improve from there and getting 53 minutes of exercise is still awesome.

I think I will make a fried egg sandwich for lunch.

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DancingFish said...

Welcome back!