Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am a victim of academic neglect. Therefore, I got to spend my week in grad school town traveling about eating at tasty restaurants instead of doing what I thought I came to do. Even though I now live in NYC, allegedly the restaurant capital of the US or something, I miss so many restaurants here. Really, this town has a ton of good places for its size, and they are so cheap! I have eaten many portabella mushroom sandwiches, herbed goat cheese, butternut squash bisque, and sweet potato fries. Yum yum. So that is the bright side of this somewhat wasted trip. I also got to see friends which was good. And tomorrow I depart for my drive to Virginia. Time to charge the ipod!

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Dori said...

While I love the foods you mentioned, I wish restaurants could come up with some other vegetarian entrees - and mix it up a bit! The other one I see constantly (and especially at weddings/special events), is bowtie pasta primavera.