Sunday, January 06, 2008

Books 2008!

So, I considered giving this up in the interest of using the time I put into it into other endeavors. But I am still going to be reading, so I might as well list them, and I have been doing it for so long I can't give it up. My first two books for 2008:
1. The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman
I started re-reading this series because of the movie coming out, but then remembered I didn't like it that much. I like the general story, but I find them rather sloppily written with important things not well-explained or described. I did like this book, better than the first. I do like Phillip Pullman's other series, with a book called The Ruby in the Smoke, though.

2. Practically Perfect in Every Way by Jennifer Niesslein
This book chronicles the author's 2 year experiment in changing her life through self help books. I loved the voice of the author, and could relate to her well. The book was funny, but also serious at times. I liked this book.


katie said...

I heard an interview with the Practically Perfect lady--sounded like it would be a fun read. And I keep meaning to go see the Golden Compass, mostly to piss off the anti-atheism folks that have been boycotting it. But I also keep hearing it wasn't all that great, even the sci-fi crazy 6th grader I know at church who loves the books told me not to bother. We'll probably see it at the cheap theater in a few more weeks.

Anonymous said...

I went to see The Golden Compass with Marlys and we both really enjoyed it. I knew more of the back story since I read the trilogy a few years ago, but we both thought it was entertaining and visually interesting. Plus, I'm totally a sucker for the daemons.