Friday, November 02, 2007

I am a champion

Tomorrow I will finish my third week of running! Go me! Soon I will be so buff. It is funny, that as I entered my late 20's and now my 30's, I have gained a little belly. I was always skinny skinny so the belly is a little disconcerting. However, since I have been running these three weeks I don't really think the belly has diminished, I just care less about it. Because I exercise, so whatever is there is there. The sad side effect is that I have lost some weight but it was in my boobs. My boobs are always the first to gain weight and the first to lose it. Oh well.

If I were going to be in town for New Year's, I would be tempted to do a 4 mile fun run in Central Park at midnight. People wear costumes! But I will be in the lovely middle west, so no midnight fun runs for me.


Melinda said...

The lovely middle west but not Chicago? Whatever, bitches.

Laurie said...

Come to St. Louis for New Year's! We can play games until midnight. :)

Doug said...

Most communities have some kind of "Jinglebell" fun run of some sort, even in the Midwest.

Keep running!

katie said...

Yay, you are a champion! And I'm sure there is someone in the midwest who would be happy to cheer for you running through the streets at midnight in a costume.

I just got back from today's "run". I am doing a good job of the 3-times a week, but not so good at actually running much. Still running one minute for every two minutes of walking. I am so out of shape.