Tuesday, October 30, 2007


84. The Reincarnationist by MJ Rose

Full disclosure: when I got this book I was totally prepared to dislike it. The premise (a man, Josh, starts having memories of his past lives, then gets tangled up in conspiracies and intrigue, meets people from his past lives and tries to figure it all out) seemed hokey and it appears the author seriously believes in reincarnation and wants to convince others it exists. I personally don't care what the author's beliefs are, but I often find fiction written with an explicit purpose like this is not very good.

BUT despite all that, I ended up enjoying the book. It is a good adventure, somewhat reminiscent of things like The DaVinci Code. The hero and others go from Rome (ancient and modern) to New York (past and present) chasing some important reincarnation related artifacts. All the while people are having flashbacks to past lives and trying to figure out how those lives fit with their present life. I found it interesting though, kind of like a fun action movie. There are flaws in the plot (I'm still not convinced the Catholic Church would be as threatened by proof of reincarnation as they are in the book) but generally it is good entertainment. If you read it, suspend disbelief and just let yourself go with the adventures.

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