Friday, September 14, 2007

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Today you get subheadings with comments:

I am really enjoying my class so far. I only have 10 students and am teaching my specialty. It is like a whole different world. So fun! It gives me more motivation to graduate and get a job where I can hopefully do something kind of like this more often.

It is possible this is not a real word, but some people in R's program use it and I love it. It sounds so cool: "what are you doing today?" "Why, I'm dissertating, of course." :)
I did some awesome data analysis yesterday, and my confidence with statistics grows by leaps and bounds every day. It may all work out for me in the end. Also, my results mean things!

Job Search
It is still early days for this, but I am slowly working on a draft cover letter for my first deadline. I am also going to make a sample syllabus for a course I have dreamed of teaching for many years. I am really excited about making this syllabus! Is that weird?

The weather has finally started to be cooler, so R and I took a picnic to the park yesterday. It was very fun. We need to get out more. This weekend people are coming over on Saturday, and Maggie and I are volunteering to walk dogs on Sunday. I also signed up to read to kids one night next week. I had some disgruntled-ness earlier in the week, which I think was brought on by my lack of social time. Long ago, I thought I was shy, but I am more and more realizing my extrovertedness and that I need to be around people to recharge. So maybe the volunteering will help with that.


DancingFish said...

People 'verb a noun' around my departent all the time. Using the confocal microscope has become confocalizing. Dissertating is a great one!

Way to go to on the data analysis and stats!

Matt said...

you are not shy.