Saturday, September 08, 2007

me me me

Recently I went back to the town of my University and had a hard core 3 days working with my advisor on my first 2 diss chapters and another paper. It was good to get so much work done. It was also good because we decided I should be able to graduate in May. Woo! To this end I am bucking down more than ever as I want a complete draft of the whole shebang by Christmas. Also, if I will be graduating in May I will need a job in August 2008. Thus, I am a going on the job market. I have a lovely excel sheet of places to apply and will be churning out applications this fall.

Things are going really well in the school/career department, but I am afraid the blog may suffer. I feel guilty for just doing the poetry and books, but I really can't make this too much of a priority right now. We'll see, though, sometimes when I am working hardest I post a lot. But this is fair warning that I am diving hard core into dissertation/job app land so don't know how much you'll see from me. Maybe one day I can give the poor blog the attention it deserves.


DancingFish said...

Such great news! Congrats! I'll be wishing you the best of luck on the job market.

Erin said...


Good luck to you, professor monkeygirl.