Thursday, August 09, 2007


I swear I will write about the wedding at some point. It was cool, but exhausting, and I plan on never having another one again.

Today I am here to write to you about dissertating. The fast approach of May, my final and personal deadline for graduating, has lit a fire under me and I have been working away and getting surly when my work is interrupted. I really wish now that I was independently wealthy and could just write, and not walk dogs or teach, or any of that other nonsense. However this is not in the cards.

I have also had a breakthrough in the way I work. I think I have finally accepted the fact that I will always write a first draft, which I will then scrap and have to start over. I had 14 pages of my first chapter, but then I finally understood how it all came together so I opened a clean new Word document, and started afresh. I have been concentrating a lot on not letting what I already have written, or what I have in my outline, constrain good ideas or approaches that come up in my writing.

I know I talked about the book Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes A Day before, as it really spoke to me. Lately, I have really been putting it into practice by creating a writing addiction, and doing my thinking through writing. I am thinking more interestingly than I have before, and I think my dissertation will be much stronger for the fact that I am being true to my own thought processes. I also think I'll write it faster as I am working the way that works for my brain, not based on how I think I 'should' work.


katie said...

Yay for finding your dissertatin' stride! And yes, despite the weather, your wedding was very cool.

Christopher said...

You will need to be a support structure for Corbett as he pushes forward on his dis. Your dissertation is much more like his, where you are writing it all from scratch, while mine was stapling three papers together, writing an intro and calling it good. This will be your additional task once I move on...

Laurie said...

Maybe Corbett and I can have weekly dissertation meetings after our Pilates class. :)

Katie, I'm glad you thought the wedding was cool. We took your comment on the website as a personal challenge.