Monday, August 06, 2007

Poetry Monday

Alas, I have not posted in a while. Sorry. But I did get married. And then I went to Long Island. And then I have been dog sitting. R and I are such thorough dog sitters that it becomes a full time job. Also, it convinced me that I am not meant to have a dog unless I have a yard. Then I will fulfill my dream of having a rescue greyhound and a dachshund. Hee hee! They will look so funny walking about together. It will give me years of amusement.

Here is a poem for Monday which was one of our wedding readings.

The Peasant Declares His Love

High-yellow of my heart, with breasts like tangerines,
you taste better to me than eggplant stuffed with crab,
you are the tripe in my pepper-pot,
the dumpling in my peas, my tea of aromatic herbs.
You are the corned beef whose customhouse is my heart,
my mush with syrup that trickles down the throat.
You are a steaming dish, mushrooms cooked with rice,
crisp potato fries, and little fish fried brown…
My hankering for love follows you wherever you go.
Your bottom is a basket full of fruits and meat.

--Emile Roumer

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Matt said...

Nice to see that you are back. I was wondering if marital bliss had taken you away from me forever.