Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No more stress!

Hey! I am doing great right now! I went to a conference at the end of last week where I got to hear lots about monkeys, catch up with old friends and meet new people. It was really inspiring, and I had a good talk with my advisor about a paper I am spiffing up for submission and about my dissertation. I have hope that I will one day graduate. So that was all good.

Also, for both R and I, our wedding stress has magically disappeared. I think it was the fact that we were all of a sudden thrust into this new world of the wedding industrial complex and didn't even know how to deal. We have more concrete plans for when we need to decide things now, and both sets of parents have offered to help out some with money. Last night we had dinner at an Indian restaurant in the 'hood that would be awesome for the reception. We'll have to see, though. We'd have to rent the whole place so it might not work out. We're still hoping for a ceremony in Central Park. We might actually do the legal deed on Friday at City Hall and then have a re-enactment for guests the next day.

I also have 8 credits of teaching lined up for the fall. That's my primate class at a 4 year school and intro bio at a community college. Yay! I love the teaching. I was offered more sections at the community college and was so tempted by the money, but then I remembered I need to graduate so I only took the 5 credit section. I need to get cracking on planning the readings for my primate class, though.

So that's my life right now. At the moment it is good. Also my birthday is Friday and I am going to sushi with awesome friends.


Laura said...

Congratulations Prof. Kauffman! That is so good to write :)

Shannon said...

Yay - I'm glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like everything is starting to flow a bit better.

Erin said...

yay! Congratulations! I would love to take classes from Dr. Kauffman. I hear she's the awesomest.

meeegan said...

Happy birthday!