Monday, April 16, 2007


I am just crazy blogger today! It is procrastination, pure and simple.

Anyway, things are good. I had my 30th birthday last week. Woo! So far I feel no different. It is weird to be hanging out with friends and look around and realize we are all 30, though. The wedding planning is moving along nicely. We now have a date and locations. Next on the list is invitations, but R is doing an awesome job making those. I'm also trying to see if I can get any hotel deals for all our out of towners, but I might just share some links and let them go it alone.

My new dissertation goal is to do just a little every day. I am in data analysis mode now, and I really can't do it for too long stretched or I start making mistakes. Tomorrow I am flying back to Florida to meet with my committee and make sure everything is hunky dory. I don't want any surprises later in the game. But if I can get a little time in on the diss each day, I feel so much better about everything.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Birthday! Happy Birthday!

I am not yet 30--but I do feel old because last night we realized that Christer's 10 year college reunion is in just one year!

Laura said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday, old lady :)