Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring break

Yesterday R and I took spring break. As grad students, we get a fabulous one day spring break as there is no rest for us! Anyway, we had a super good time. We went to the UN in the morning and got to see where they do all their UN stuff. Then, because it was near 70 degrees we walked to Central Park and walked through it for awhile until our feet started to hurt. Then we came home and hung out before heading to a neighborhood north of us for some tapas. The restaurant was overpriced and not super good, but we're glad we ventured out into the world more. Later we came home and listened to a This American Life podcast before going to sleep. It was an excellent spring break.

Today I have been all hard core getting stuff done. We went to Target to get cat food and some other stuff, and I have been working on data for my dissertation. I HATE arranging data into an analyzable form. I think it is really not my strength, so it is often frustrating. I kept losing monkeys today. I was supposed to have 95 and at first had only 93 so I had to spend a few hours finding those lost two. But they appeared, never fear! If I am serious about ever graduating I need to spend more time on the data analysis. I forgot how slow it goes.

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DancingFish said...

I understand exactly what you mean but taken out of context that is hilarious! I hate it when I lose monkeys!