Sunday, February 04, 2007


I might try to start posting every Sunday, so at least I'll write something once a week. I have still not gotten back the blogging habit.

So here's what's been going on in Monkeygirl land. Right now I am beset by money troubles. My university screwed me over, as is its wont. Basically, they said I could have this loan and now all of a sudden they said I cannot, leaving me missing a large part of my expected income. I can't get another loan to replace the missing one, as I am not a half time student and I do not have a job. I decided to drop down to part time to save tuition money, but it has brought so many problems that from now on I think it is worth it for me to be half time for the rest of the time I am in school.

Which may not be as long as I had feared. I'm going to send some stuff to my committee mid-March and go visit them in the beginning of April. I plan to have a ton written by then, but not to be emotionally attached to it as it will most likely be ripped apart. So we will see how that all goes.

However I still need a part-time job. It is so hard to find one! The closest I am getting now is as a cashier at a Large Office Supply Store. But it pays nearly minimum wage which is sad. I registered with a new temp agency -- we'll see if they call me more than the other one I have been registered with.

I have been having a lovely time listening to podcasts on the subway. I went to Brooklyn a zillion times this week and it was great to listen to Science Friday, NPR:Food and MuggleCast as I rode the trains.

R and I have been doing pretty well with cooking. We made Garlic-Potato soup with a beer-cheese bread on Friday and it was all very tasty. Tonight we are having a butternut squash mac and cheese.

I have some more books to post about, and pictures of food but now I think I should nap.


Melinda said...

Ooohhhh, post the garlic potato soup recipe, please!

Anonymous said...

A pox on schools and their financial aid promises!

Topher said...

I wonder if I started commenting, would you post more?!?

DancingFish said...

Good luck with the writing! I always have a hard time distancing myself from my work.

Laurie K said...

I bet I would post more if I got more comments, then I would feel peer pressure!

I also have a really hard time distancing myself from my writing, but I think I will be forced to learn!