Monday, February 05, 2007

Stagnant Drink

Someone found my blog by searching for the words in the title of this post. How interesting!

I need some motivation. I had my THIRD interview at Office Supply Store today. They are kinda out of control. They are supposed to let me know if I am hired by the end of the day, so that will be good to know. But I don't want to do any work as I am sad about money. Tomorrow night I have a teaching "audition" at one of those standardized test prep places, so I should get to work on that now.


Laura said...

I'm sorry about the money stresses. You are still going to teach in the fall, right? So any job you get would be temporary?

Laurie K said...

It depends. I am only teaching one class in the fall which only pays like $3000 for the semester, so I would need additional money as well. It is possible that whatever I get now will continue in some way through the summer and the fall.