Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just spent all day sending CVs to EVERYWHERE in NYC. Everywhere that may even briefly think about hiring adjunct professors for the summer, that is. Whew. It tired me out and now I want to rest, but I still have many other things to do today. I may need a little break, though, or my brain might fall out.

My Office Supply Store is refusing to call me back. R thinks they are either so disorganized that they can't manage to call, or they don't want to hire me and are too scared to say so. It will be a sad day when I am rejected as a cashier at the Office Supply Store. Oh well. I had my teaching audition for the Test Prep Place. It went really well and improved my spirits greatly! It was so nice to be doing something I am good at. I am good at talking in front of people and teaching them things. I really hope they accept me and move me on to the next step which may be re-taking many standardized tests. Or I might get lucky and go right to the training because of my faboo teaching skills and good GRE scores. We will see. Anyway, my success with my 5 minute audition has reminded me that I am not a total failure. So that is good.

I think that is all for now. Next post will be the Garlic-Potato soup, just because I love Melinda so much.


Matt said...

I am saddened that the office supply place is screwing you over. How hard can it be to decide to hire a cashier? I can't believe you've had 3 interviews. I'm sure there's some technical stuff to do as a cashier, but I also can't believe that it is all that hard. (Now if it is really hard, please try not to feel insulted.)

This soup idea sounds interesting - I look forward to seeing the post.

Laurie K said...

That is exactly the problem with the Office Supply Store! It is not hard to be a cashier! They even told me it was the easiest job ever!

Anyway, I finally heard they are doing my background check, so maybe they will hire me as long as those things from my past do not show up. :)