Monday, January 29, 2007

Project Spectrum

So I'm doing Project Spectrum again this year. As there are now three colors for every month, I'm going to try and really craft something in those colors, instead of just taking pictures like I did last year. My mom gave me this white yarn for Christmas, so my plan is to make a hat out of it for February. I hear eyelash yarn will be a pain to work with, but I will soldier on. I want a feathery white hat! Maybe I should buy some regular yarn and double strand it?

I haven't planned further than February, but I need to get back into my crocheting, so hopefully this will help.

Now I need to get back to work. I am making myself work 40 hours a week and recording how many hours I work each day. So far I am at 10 minutes for today, and that was all reading at line in the post office. I was on the phone with my school for a long time, as they are screwing me over with my loans. Should I count that as work?


katie said...

That yarn looks like it's got enough fluffy to it that you won't need to hold it with anything else. I don't think an extra yarn will make it any easier, but it might make the hat warmer. Good luck dealing with the eyelashes!

Yes, talking on the phone with the school talks as work. What a pain.

mymarlys said...

I say if it makes you want to throw the phone, it counts as work.