Sunday, January 28, 2007

Books! 2007

OK, I'm getting myself organized. I think I really need to get a schedule in order to get all my dissertation writing, crocheting, reading and blog posting done. My getting back in the saddle with Book Challenge posting with totally make me post more. I know you all love my book reviews.

For 2006 I read at least 90 books. I was not quite as meticulous. This large amount of books can be attributed to being in the jungle where there is no TV or restaurants, or too many cool people to talk to, combined with the fact that my research involved long stretched of sitting around. So don't feel bad. I am not going to post a list of all the books I read because it would be way too much typing -- they are mostly all written in my journal though.

This will be the inaugural post of the book challenge for 2007! This is the third year for me, and I think that for me, the point is not to read 50 books, but to post about every book I read. I am a super fast reader, but that can sometimes translate into inattentive reading. I find that even posting a few sentences about each book helps me remember them more, and I think I get more out of them that way.

That said, I am starting out slow! It is already January 28 and I've only finished two books this year! I do have a third I am almost finished and a 4th I took a break from and will get back into. I have high hopes for the subway reading though.

1. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
I loved this book, as I love all Murakami. His books are often weird, and there is something about his voice, even in translation, that is really unique. So this is the story of a runaway teenager, some talking cats, and some other stuff. It is hard to describe. The weirdness in this book was a little more disturbing than in his other books, so it was not my favorite because of that, but still an excellent read.

2. Dark Tort by Diane Mott Davidson
I discovered this mystery series the first time I was in Suriname, in 2000. They are all about a caterer in Colorado who solves mysteries, and they include recipes! I really enjoy the combo of mysteries and food, so they are a good fluffy read for me.

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Laura said...

Ooh, food mysteries are a guilty pleasure of mine. I will have to check Davidson out.