Monday, January 08, 2007


I told some friends a few days ago that I had no New Year's resolutions, but then I realized I had lied. I did make one -- to call my brothers more (or at all).

I have two younger brothers who are 2 and 4 years younger than me. As small kids we were really close, playing together all the time. We made villages with our stuffed animals and arranged them all over the house in little family groups. We also loved playing store and hauled out all the canned goods, wrote prices on them, and arranged them around the house. My mom loved having 3 kids so close in age and talks about how she would take us all on errands when we were 6 and under, and how all the cashiers would be amazed we were all hers. As we got older, my brothers came to annoy me more and more, and I am sure they would say the same about me. I got to like them more when they hit high school, then I went to college as did they and we drifted apart more. Now my brothers both live kinda near each other, and kinda near my parents in the Midwest while I am over here on the east coast. I talk to my parents often and they fill me in on my brothers' lives, but I rarely talk to them myself, unless we all happen to be in the same place for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Anyway, I realized it is important to me to have relationships with my brothers as adults, so I'm going to try and call them each 2x a month. I think that should be good and hopefully we'll have stuff to talk about.

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meeegan said...

That's a very good resolution! I have always been the inconvenient one who lives far away, compared yo my sisters and brother. But the time put in on the phone pays off.