Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random updates

We have returned to NYC from our tour of the Midwest. Much fun was had and many friends and family were seen. Highlights were my parents at the airport with Santa hats, Vietnamese food with a bunch of friends, driving to Iowa, Dairy Queen in Minnesota, New Year's Eve trivial pursuit, a pug dog and a baby in a Surinamese costume. Awesome.

R got money for an Ikea bookshelf for Christmas, so we have a journey to New Jersey planned for Wednesday. Billy bookcase here we come! When we moved to New York we went from a 1200 square foot apartment to a 600 square foot one. We are having some serious organizational problems to say the least and this bookshelf will save our lives. We're also going to look for some cheap housewares. Love the Ikea kitchen section!

The other good Christmas gift was money for a bread machine from R's entire family. I am so excited! We are going to eat tasty fresh bread ALL THE TIME. So I am now searching for the perfect machine. What bread machines do you guys have, and how do you like them? Any recommendations?

This upcoming week is going to be some recovery from the trip, plus shopping. I also need to write a new proposal for my dissertation as my methods changed, but that is mostly done so it shouldn't be a problem. I also might work a few days for the temp agency, get a hair cut and organize the rest of my life. I have been on the go so much since I got back, and have not had much time to explore New York, so that will be good to do this week.

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Laura said...

I loved the travelling but being back in my own bed was so good.