Friday, December 22, 2006

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year to all! R and I are off for our annual tour of the Midwest -- 4 states in 2 weeks. It will be great. We're going to see my parents and brothers, R's parents and grandparents and many friends including Melinda, Laura, and many others who do not have blogs but are still fabulous people. :)

Today I had a long but good day. I woke up early and went and had an interview at a temp agency. They loved me and my mad Excel skillz so I should be able to make the rent each month. woo! Afterwards R and I met a friend for lunch and then did some Christmas shopping. We spent way too much time in Kmart and then nearly got trapped in Macy's, land of the never-ending escalators. After all that we walked around looking at window displays and finally saw the tree and Rockefeller Center. It was a great time and now I'm ready to head off for the Christmas celebratin'.

oooh! Also, there's a building near Rockefeller Center where there are big Christmas light snowflakes and they blink in time to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas songs. Awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Laurie, if you'd like I can refer you to my old dog-walking boss. Big minus: no fun in the winter! But a big plus in that it is cash-in-hand. Betsy