Thursday, December 21, 2006

random chit chat

R finished his last paper! Now he can frolic with me. Fun fun. Saturday we are heading out for our 3rd annual Christmas tour of the Midwest. Listen to radio stations near you for concert dates.
In the meantime, I have been super productive. I applied for a loan to pay the rent while I write the dissertation. I've also applied for a bunch of part time jobs and have an interview with a temp agency tomorrow, so we should not starve. We did have a brief freak out the other day about why *exactly* we decided to move to New York as two grad students with no income. But now I'm feeling optimistic again. I also got most of my health insurance application filled out and am now about to organize pictures to bring with us on the road. I'll have some pictures up for you blog readers before long as well.

So that's all my excitement. Oh, there are no stories from the DMV. It was very efficient and quick, except I don't get the actual license for three weeks. Until then I have a temporary one. Both Florida and Missouri can give out real licenses immediately. What's up with that, New York?

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