Thursday, January 11, 2007

Organized paradise

Our Ikea trip was so successful! It was a convoluted journey, as we took a bus to the Ikea which is in New Jersey. Then we shopped shopped shopped and got the bookcase, a full length mirror, a stool for the kitchen, and various little kitchen things. Then we rented a cargo van from Enterprise, drove to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought my bread machine! woo! Then we drove back to Manhattan and to Target where we got various other things and finally drove back home where we unloaded everything then got back in the van, drove back to Ikea, and took the bus back home. whew. Once we were home I ran out for bread making ingredients while R started furniture assembly. The furniture assembly went smoothly and the bread came out good. So all is going swimmingly in the monkeygirl world. Yay.

Now that we have the second big bookshelf I will be transforming a corner of the bedroom into an organized dissertation writing paradise. I also got a little document holder, a pink desk lamp, a white board and a stability ball to help me to this goal. The stability ball is to sit on instead of a chair. I find it way more comfortable, and it builds my core strength.

Also today I am finally getting a hair cut and doing laundry. The hair is just way too long.


Laura said...

Shannon is very interested in using one of those big balls instead of a chair, but I think Max would kill it in a matter of minutes. He goes *nuts* for soccer balls and beach balls. Are they tough or would a wacked out dog be able to puncture it easily?

Also congrats on the bread machine. I think Shannon has something to send you that may or may not be bread related, along with that sweater I've got for you. I'll email when we actually get the box to the PO.

Laurie K said...

the balls are pretty tough, but Henrietta did puncture my last one with her sharp kitten claws. They are soooo nice to sit on though!

Melinda said...

Wait. I'm confused. Was the Enterprise at IKEA?

Laurie K said...

yep. Enterprise and Ikea have a deal where you rent a cargo van through Enterprise and they bring it to Ikea for you and there is a special rate and everything.