Saturday, May 09, 2009

Good morning!

Happy Saturday! I am all happy today as it was sunny yesterday and R and I ate dinner on the porch for the first time this year. We had homemade black bean burgers, fries and corn on the cob. After that we went for a shake and a malt and then watched Baby Mama. This morning R made me eggs and toast.

It is overcast today, but I am determined to run. All the teaching has really dstroyed my running habit, but my new plan is to run 4 miles a week. When I am always doing that I will up my miles. I also want to start doing yoga 10 minutes a week (from this book).

Last weekend my parents came to visit and we had a very fun time with them. We went to dinner and sat on the porch playing games. My mom and I shared a bottle of plum wine and at one point my dad advised me to gamble more while my mom advised me to drink more. It is good to know they are looking out for me. :)

My parents also drove us to Home Depot where we bought supplies for our back porch garden! Woo! We have a hanging tomato plant and a window box of basil and dill and some chives which were planted from seed and have not yet emerged. The picture is from R's iPhone from inside the house so it is not the best, but it is too cloud y to get a good picture today.

I'm posting because two of my classes are ending this week, so I have hopes of returning to a semi-normal life and also making more progress on actually getting out of grad school one day. Hopefully I'll be around more once I grade all the finals!

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