Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lofty Goal

So, I already missed a day, but I am going to try and post every day in November. I feel bad I neglect the blog so much. I often do not feel my life is exciting, but I think that is a negative way of looking at it, and perhaps through blogging more I will appreciate the unseen awesomeness in my life.

I have been a little sick the last few days -- it has mostly been just a never ending headache and a lot of tiredness. It did make me miss a Halloween Party, which I had been looking forward to and was going to dress like a witch for. BUT it has also made me just take the last two days to sit around, watch Persepolis, watch the old school BBC Chronicles of Narnia and relax. I feel way better today and more energized, so although I have 65 midterms to grade, classes to prep and that pesky dissertation to write, I think it was good I relaxed for awhile.

Now I am off to get some work done, as Monday will come no matter what and I really need to grade and figure out what to teach.

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