Monday, November 03, 2008

Crack smokin'

Did I say I would blog every day this month? Was I out of my mind? Yes to both. Anyway, here is your post. As I expected my days of not working bit me hard last night and this morning as I scrambled to prep my classes. But I did, and they were actually good classes. I feel like something has shifted since I gave midterms. Like we know it is all downhill from here, or they think I am less scary since they didn't all fail. Who knows.

I am excited to go vote tomorrow. I am contemplating making Obama cupcakes, inspired by the Yes We Cake website. We are going to a party at one of R's grad school friend's. It has been really fun living in Chicago for this election. I overhear SOOOOO many conversations about the election on the street and in between classes. R and walked by Obama's house tonight and there is a little extra security. We had a brief moment of excitement when we thought we might share a polling place with the Obamas, but a little research shows they are likely to vote elsewhere. Oh well.

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