Saturday, November 08, 2008

From 52 to 48 with Love

OK, eventually those of us who supported Obama will have to stop celebrating, and all of us will have to figure out how to get along. One thing about politics lately that bothers me, is that so many people prefer to not talk about it, rather than disagree. Disagreement is fine, people! I disagree all over the place with people I love and respect. It is no big thing. Just stay civil and don't degenerate to name-calling. I feel like this idea that disagreement is bad is really harming my students. More and more my students are unwilling to debate, which I think impairs their intellectual development. They don't know how to choose sides of an issue and support arguments. That is no good!

So, in the spirit of coming together, I give you a link to From 52 to 48 With Love.

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