Saturday, March 01, 2008

Everything's coming up roses

Well, that title might be a little too cheery, but lately I've felt like everything is falling into place for me. On Tuesday I went to the place I teach early and just sat there in my little cube working all morning/early afternoon, surrounding by the voices of economists. While I was working I literally felt a kind of click, and it was like everything in my dissertation just came together and made sense and was awesome. Seriously. And I started really enjoying working on it. It was so strange. Since then, my serious procrastination issues have departed, and I have been able to get a lot of writing hours in. In fact, here it is Saturday and I am at the library. I got here a little after 11:00 and have been here for nearly 7 hours. woo! Go me! Yay woohoo!

Also this week I've gotten back into my running and this morning I ran two eight minute runs. Monday is the first 20 minute run, which is a little scary, but I haven't actually struggled to finish any of my runs in a while. It is more I feel kinda tired and want to stop, but I'm not gasping for air or feeling like my legs are going to fall off or anything, which is how I have felt during running in the past. I've also been doing other exercises like pushups and stuff on two days a week when I am not running. So that is cool. Maybe I can fit back into two of my pairs of pants soon so I don't need to go shopping.


DancingFish said...

Great news on all fronts! Do you run outside? I hear the weather on Monday is going to be in the 50's! I can't wait to get off the treadmill and back outdoors.

Laurie said...

I do run outside. I hate running inside and can't motivate myself on a treadmill at all. I only don't go out if it is under 20 degrees or too icy. The weather did stop me on Friday, and I have been having to adjust my route because of unplowed/shoveled sidewalks, but really the weather hasn't affected me too much.

ScienceGirl said...

Wow, I wonder if your running and clicking are related! In either case, I hope it continues!

Anonymous said...

Go go dissertation writer!