Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vacation time!

Dear blog reading peeps,
I am sorry I have been ignoring you for nearly 3 weeks. I have many excuses, but you are not interested in them. I know you are only interested in results! Results in the form of posts that will give you something to do when you procrastinate. Well, you will have to be patient a little longer. In just a few hours R and I will be braving the various public conveyances we must take to the airport, where we will undoubtedly have many very long lines to wait in and I am positive our flight will be delayed. Eventually we will end up in the lovely midwest where we will have 9 days of frolicking with family in three states. I am looking forward to some mulled wine. Anyway, when we return I will be plunging back in to hardcore dissertation writing which is likely to mean more posts for you. yay! Have a happy Christmas and a merry New Year!

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