Friday, September 21, 2007

Sick, but better

Now I am felled by a terrible stomach flu. It is not fun. I have been bed ridden for two days. BUT it cannot get me down as I talked to someone helpful who helped me decipher my academic problem, and realize it is not as much of a problem as I had thought. However, it did indicate to me, yet again, the many failings of academia and its crappy treatment of graduate students. Oh well. My character grows every day. Soon I'll have so much character I won't fit in the apartment.

Also, my new computer finally shipped! I ordered it 3 weeks ago, thinking it would ship Sept 6. Then I got an email saying it was delayed and it would not ship until Oct 8 BUT then I got another email, and it shipped yesterday! woo!

Anyway, posting may be slight until it is up and running, as my current computer refuses to work with our internet. I am using other wireless right now, but I am not sure it will always be available.


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Laura said...

Oh no, spam comments?

I am sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon. Also sorry about the academic problems. But big woot to new laptops!

As an aside, I plan on getting the photos, negatives and cds in the mail to you THIS WEEK, come hell or highwater. I'm sorry it's been about two months now.