Monday, March 26, 2007

Poetry Monday

by Jorge Tellier
translated from Spanish by Mary Crow

When at last you realize
I can love only those towns
where the trains never stop,
then you will be able to forget me
in order to know who I truly am.

You will know who I a truly am
and rings made from tree bark
will be the token of our wedding vows,
and you will be able to enter the forest
where I found you before I met you.

And the forest where I found you without knowing you
will fill up with the leaves of my words.
Night will be luminous with the eyes of horses
come to drink the waters of memory
so there will always be a love that doesn't die.

Because there is always in me a love that doesn't die
and the towns where the train doesn't stop
will tell you this, while the drunk guitar player
who croons the song I wrote you
will have to stop the whirling of the streets
to show you the road into the forest.

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