Sunday, April 30, 2006


Here is some yellow and orange from my kitchen for Project Spectrum. fun fun! This month made me realize I have little yellow or orange in my life, but what I have is in the kitchen.

Here is the wrap I have been crocheting for three weeks. This was a while ago so it is wider now, although I am supposed to have it done tomorrow. I am not sure how that is going to work, especially as R and I decided it was somehow wrong for me to crochet during my students' exam on Monday.

Finally, here is a necklace I made as well, in a crafty fit. It was actually not that hard to make as I bought the pendant and then put it on some cord. whew. I love the pendant though. It is a leaf made of mother of pearl, I believe. I made two other necklaces which were presents. I gave one away but cannot post it as the other has not been sent to its new owner yet.

Otherwise, things are going. I am making daily lists now and crossing things off of them. Today I am cleaning out the dining room and buying some folders and stuff I will need to control my papers in the jungle. Last night my friend Anna had an awesome going away party for me with most of my favorite peeps and a cheesecake! And beer! It is getting more real that I am going and I am getting excited.

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Melinda said...

Yay - the other necklace was for me! I was secretly hoping that it would be. :)