Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Diseased and end-of-semestered

I've got some pictures coming, I do I do. I had two appointments for tomorrow canceled, and my car seems to be selling, so I am using this kinda free moment for a blog update.

I got two shots today in preparation for my travels. Yellow fever vaccine went in the upper left arm, and typhoid went towards the back of the same arm. I am sore, and for awhile I was EXHAUSTED. I had to nap before the Amazing Race. It was only a 45 minute nap, but I slept hard. I was totally out. As the night want on, I recovered from both the yellow fever and typhoid, and now my arm is sore but I am good as new. It was cool to think about how my body thought it was defeating diseases, and hopefully making little memory cells which will protect me from yellow fever and typhoid in the future.

I taught my last class today. We still have class on Friday, but the students have a test so there is little work for me. I handed out the students' grades so far, so they can decide if they want to take an optional final. So many of them came up to ask how many points they needed for this or that grade, and I had the calculator out helping them do the math. It does help to be a little concerned about your grade BEFORE the last day of class, though. Some have grades they aren't happy with, and there is not much to be done about it now.

I could also tell it was the end of the semester as my little office pod which is normally like a ghost town was filled with students talking to the various professors, all figuring out how they could try to get a few more points right at the end.

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Laura said...

Do you have any more shots to get? Did you decide to bring different things this trip into the field or do you think you'll bring most of the same stuff?

Will you be able to take tons of pictures with your digital camera?