Thursday, March 16, 2006

Last bit of procrastination

Well, no Angel for me yesterday, although R and I did decide to head to the faboo panhandle for the weekend. It is the only part of Florida we have not yet explored. We want to go camping, but apparently every single state park is totally booked up. Many have a few non-reservable camp sites, so we may try for one of those, or we might try the national forest which does not take reservations, or we might sleep at a Super 8. Anyway, as long as we do not have a repeat of the Great Spring Break Disaster of 2005 in which, exhausted and crabby from our tent falling down the night before we drove across nearly all of Florida before finally finding an empty room at a crappy Days Inn that cost $200, I will be ok.

This is my last bit of procrastination, as I am about to start the following plan for the day:
1. Work on reorganizing excel files for paper #1, which is suffering from 3 collaborators messing with the data. It is my charge to organize it and make a table of contents so I don't keep getting asked to make tables I made months ago.
2. Plan my class for next week.
3. Mail a shirt I made for a Craftster swap.
4. Work out? (I got my free 3 month membership yesterday. Very excited for plentiful elliptical machines!)
5. Finish planning for class next week.
6. Get someone to look in on the cats on Saturday.
7. Find tent and sleeping bags.
8. Return library books to school library.

I think this is do-able. I am usually very efficient at working, once I get started.

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katie said...

Yay for vacationing! Christer left today for "nerd day" (a bunch o' friends from Grinnell and a whole lot of computer games) and afterwards camping. Have fun with your trip--I am sending good camping site vibes your way.