Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I finally got off my procrastinatory butt today and finished off my last grant application! Yay! I even emailed it away, so now all I have to do is sit back and await the rejections. Now it is all up to the granting organizations whether or not my dissertation is funded or not. At least I have my plane tickets. The grant money will just make the whole experience less painful, although it will be done, no matter what.

I read today that one should start applying for post-doctoral positions a year before you want them. That means I should start in August! Although I will be in the field then so I don't know how well that will work but today I did send for an application to a residential fellowship that would be sweet.

I am glad I finally got the grant finished as it is my spring break and so far I have spent it working. I had big plans of crocheting the second sock and finishing off the last season of Angel, but I also have 3 papers to work on, one of which will be my very first first-author publication, so I feel like I really need to buckle down on that. However, I think I will now go buy treats to send to a friend in the field, and then pick up something yummy for dinner and try to squeeze in some Angel watching. Also R is off work Friday so we are deciding between going camping or to Sea World -- that will be some good spring break fun at least.


Amy said...

I too am on spring break, except that it's not a break, it's a week to try to catch up on all the things that have piled up so far this semester (and finish one paper overdue from a class last summer). I think I'll blog about all the crap I have to do because I'm not mentally ready to do the crap I have to do yet. Good advice about funding and post-docs; thanks!

Topher said...

We always start applying for post-docs around November, almost a year before they would start...You should look at post-doc openings and see what the dates say....That's crazy that you'll be applying so soon!!!

meeegan said...

I'm glad you're going to get at least a bit of spring break fun in amidst the work and accomplishments.