Monday, March 20, 2006


R and I had a great weekend up in the panhandle. That was the last part of Florida we needed to explore -- now we have seen it all. We went to a little town of Apalachicola and had the best time. It was very relaxing and we wandered about and R ate lots of oysters. Our hotel was right on the Apalachicola river, and all rooms had a view of the water.

The hotel also included an oyster bar, a restaurant and a bar which were awesome. On Saturday we went to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, where we had hoped to camp, but it was full. We did have a great day wandering around the park which was really beautiful. It is on a peninsula off of the Florida peninsula, and you can see the ocean and the bay sides in some of the Flickr pictures. After that we returned to Apalachicola and had a good dinner at one of the non-hotel restaurants. Sunday we drove home and I was so sad to leave but at least we got to stop at a Dairy Queen on the way.

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katie said...

Yay for pictures and yay for break!