Sunday, February 12, 2006

More crochet and Olympics

I spent a very satisfying day yesterday watching the Olympics with R. The weather was gloomy and rainy so we planted ourselves on the couch and cheered on the pairs figure skaters, the speed skaters and the freestyle skiers. Fun fun. I was so happy the American figure skaters landed their fancy schmancy throw, and that the Italian swooped up for the the bronze in the speed skating. I do think "The Exception" is the stupidest nickname ever for an athlete though. Oooh... I am quaking in my skates because I have to race "The Exception". The Flying Tomato and The White Sausage are both much cooler nicknames.

As all these sports were being viewed, I managed 3 rows on my first sock. I had to rip out four because I was turning too early, but I am in a good rhythm now. I am not sure about how the crocheted socks are going to turn out -- the stitches seem to be too loose, so the resulting fabric may be sort of holey. I will persevere though, and see how it all ends up.

Back to the Olympics coverage, I loooved the little scene between Marlena and John from Days of Our Lives about the figure skating scandal in Salt Lake City. Marlena says, "John, it wasn't me, it was the French judge!". Hee hee! Someday I will post a true confessions type post about my love of Days of Our Lives, and the embarrassing amount I watch it.


Norah said...

I bet the sock will be great!

I used to watch Days of Our Lives! It was before Marlena though, or maybe she was just starting, I can't remember. (Is she the one with a twin?)

katie said...

I missed the part with John and Marlena talking about the Olympics. Or maybe I just tuned out when I saw them on screen. Whenever Marlena is talking I tend to doze off. I love the rest of my Days, though.

Melinda said...

Ok, what are your thoughts on Michelle Kwan-gate? My stance is as follows: um, if you knew you couldn't compete today, you must've known 3 days ago. Why even go?


Laurie said...

Marlena was on Days 20-30 years ago, and then was off for awhile, and then came back. She did have an evil twin, Samantha.

I do generally find John and Marlena boring and don't like episodes that are all about them, but this scene was HILARIOUS.

I am going to post my thoughts on Michelle Kwan right now.