Monday, February 13, 2006

Michelle Kwan-gate

Melinda asked what I thought of Michelle Kwan-gate. And here is my answer for all my loyal readers.

I agree that if she didn't feel well yesterday, she probably didn't feel well when she got on the plane. I bet she suspected she wouldn't be able to compete, but wanted to try for that gold so much she couldn't admit it to herself. She probably shouldn't have gone at all, but at least in the end she quit early so Emily Hughes has time to get there and all. I can't feel THAT bad for her, I mean she won like a million things and has a silver and a bronze. I won some spelling bees when I was 13 and have NO Olympic medals (although if my plans for a South American curling team go as planned, that will all change!)

I have never been super in to Michelle Kwan for some reason. I don't know why, she just doesn't grab me. I did feel bad for her last night when Bob Costas said, "When did Michelle Kwan get old?" Dude! She's 25! That's messed up.

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Anonymous said...

I love curling! I am going to go to the curling club in St. Paul sometime to try it out. I was watching a little bit last night. It's kind of like the shuffleboard at the bar.