Thursday, May 06, 2010

Amazon meme

I have seen this many places, most recently at New Kid on the Hallway.

My first Amazon purchase was on December 30, 1998 and I bought a Mana CD and Couplings, by Peter Schneider. I was really surprised to see that book as I have very little memory of it. I think it was for a book club? Also, I was still in college back then! Holy carp!


Pencil Collector said...

Ha! Yeah! Wasn't that a band we listened to in Costa Rica?

This is geeky, but my first Amazon purchase was Microsoft Frontpage 2000, made in November of 2000. Livin' la vida loca in Japan!

Mike K said...

Apparently the first thing I ordered was a DVD of Labyrinth / The Dark Crystal in October 2000. Sarah will make fun of me to no end if she ever finds this out. The next thing I ordered was Shrek, The Emperors New Groove, and Monsters Inc. in 2002 for $62 - this still seems like a good deal.