Friday, April 23, 2010

stuff lately

Hello! Here is an update for you! I have been having a crisis about my online identity. I have recently been talking to people about the importance of being a "public scientist" and sharing more about what I do with the general public. Sometimes I feel like I would like to have a more professional blog. But how to keep it separate from this blog? How to keep personal and public separate on the internets? I could make another profile under my real name, but I know I will just mess up one day and log-in with the wrong one. So I am having an internet identity crisis. Maybe I will think about this later, after I finish my PhD. Which I still have not finished, btw. I got a lot of great comments back from my committee, but they will take awhile to address. So that is what I am working on now.

Thanks to those comments and a recent trip to a professional conference, I am feeling re-focused on my work, which is good. I have unfortunately let exercise slide in favor of extra hours in my campus office which is like a little isolation chamber of productivity. I am planning that this will not be a permanent change, but is some time budgeting I need to do to get through this push of work work work. I don't go to campus on Fridays, though, so I might get to swim or run today.

I am transforming even more into a post-PhD person, though. I have some collaborations that might appear, and lots of ideas for the future. I have started to get a glimmer of how busy I will continue to be as a non-student. So many more projects instead of only the dissertation! It is exciting, though, and I am trying to keep powering through so I can reach that place sooner rather than later.

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