Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long weekend

Happy Thanksgiving to the people who celebrate it! Hope you all had a good one. I had a great day. My whole family gathered at my youngest brother's. He is only an hour away from us, so we could sleep in, go have Thanksgiving with everyone, and then come back home and sleep in our own bed. I got to see the new niece again as well, and she is funner than ever, with added new skills of smiling and making little babbling noises. Also she has a very cute yawn.

We ate and ate and then played some Trivial Pursuit (the women beat the men) and some Wii bowling (which my mom loves). It was all very good times. Just don't ask about any dance offs. :)

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Albatross said...

Wii is so fun with families. Last year, I made my brother bring his to my mom's house so she and I could play Madden 09. She kicked my butt.