Saturday, November 07, 2009


People, I should get an award for the amount I have accomplished in my life thus far, despite the fact that I suffer from a sever case of lazy. Seriously. I am really lazy. You may not believe it, as I am so accomplished, but just imagine what I could do if I were not so lazy? I would be setting the world on fire.

I have not been blogging much due to the aforementioned lazy. I think of posts, but then I am just too lazy to write them. I means, signing on to Blogger is just too much work when I could more easily play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. I do manage to prep my classes, grade papers, and work on my dissertation, but cleaning the house? Nope. Defeated by the lazy. Also, I bought fabric and frames from IKEA to whip up some nice wall hangings for my office on campus, but how long have the materials sat here on my desk collecting dust? Quite a while, I tell you. And a friend of mine can tell you how long it took me to season the new wok I bought in Chinatown. I actually had to throw out the old wok and have an urgent need to stir-fry before I could off my lazy butt and season up that wok. I did manage to put up inspirational monkey pictures above my desk at home, a mere year after moving in. I count that and the fact that I got the wok seasoned in a matter of months as two small but important accomplishments. Sometimes, due to all the work I have to do despite the lazy, the lazy builds up and builds up until I give in. The last two days I have greatly enjoyed lying about and reading, and am still in my pjs at 2:00 pm.

I plan to emerge from this wallow in the lazy fresh and clean in order to tackle many Things That Must Be Done over the rest of the day. I am having people over for brunch tomorrow, so I am also counting on this deadline to help me clean the house. And important part of this morning has been spent contemplating the best direction in which to clean. What do you think? Start in the kitchen, followed by the dining room, bathroom, then living room (the bedroom is exempt from cleaning)? I am worried this plan will result in me running out of energy before the living room, which really needs the most cleaning. It contains my desk, and I have come to accept that I work best surrounded by alarming piles of paper and a fortress of books stacked on the floor. Seriously, I've been kicking it on the dissertation pretty well, and am surrounding by so much clutter in a perfect arms' width semi-circle. Also, I envision the party tomorrow taking place mostly in the living room, so perhaps I should start there.

Wish me luck that the lazy can be out run just for today.


michellespidermonkey said...

why hello there... I have just discovered that you have a blog! I have one too! And it makes me feel better that other people are lazy, because I'm a total sloth. Well, maybe not a sloth, more like a howler monkey. It's quite ironic that I study spiders, because I am so much like a howler... I like to nap, and I like to be lazy, and I'm all about rest-and-digesting...

Topher said...

It's good that you're lazy, you know, because that is what makes a good academic. Or at least, it had better, otherwise we're both screwed.