Friday, November 20, 2009

Further adventures

I am glad I am recording all the adventures I have been having, as sometimes I feel like I am boring, but then it turns out I am not!

So additional adventures:
1) Some friends and I went to see Margaret Atwood in a dramatic reading of her new book, "The Year of the Flood". I was intrigued, because I loooooove Margaret Atwood, but also mildly concerned, as I thought a dramatic reading with songs written based on the book could also just be weird. It was totally awesome though. Margaret Atwood looked like she was having so much fun and the readers and singers were great. Also, it is a brilliant idea for a book tour as they read up to like the climax of the book and then did not tell you the end! So now I have to buy the book! Which I did, and am waiting for Amazon to get it to me. Barbara Kingsolver also benefited from this dramatic reading as Amazon told me she had a new book as well, and as I love her nearly as much as Margaret Atwood I bought that book too. I barely ever buy fiction books. My last book purchase was Seasonality in Primates. I know you guys don't want to miss out on that one.

2)The same weekend as Margaret Atwood, R was out of town so I took advantage of his absence to have a Naked Lady Party. Don't be scared to click on the link -- it is a clothes exchange. I had some friends over and cooked up a tasty strata (I left out the ham and subbed kale for the zucchini) and served mimosas and we had a fun time exchanging all our old clothes. I still need to take the unclaimed clothes to Goodwill though.

This weekend, we are going to a play! ooh! Fancy!


Albatross said...

I had no idea Barbara Kingsolver had a new book- I love her! Thanks for the tip!
Clothes swaps are great- but I can never get any pants. I must need taller friends...

Laurie said...

Oooh! Glad I could tell you about Kingsolver's new book.

The pants at this swap were mostly a bust as well. I think only two pairs were claimed. Maybe pants are too personal?